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These bars, which are among the earliest establishments in Montana, 
are much like endangered species.

Once gone they can never be replicated.
Stockman v Mint Bars.  Who has the most bars in Montana?

In the 1970's, when these photos were taken, there were 32 Stockman bars and 30 Mint bars.  By the early '90s, their numbers had dwindled to 19 Stockmans and 20 Mints.  R.I.P.

Though photographed in the 1970's, these images were archived by the artist and later digitized and enhanced to their present form.  The complete series, "Watering Holes of the Old West", is currently on display at, 
The Mint Bar and Grill in Lewistown, Montana.
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Photo taken above Bear Gulch 
Judith Mts in background
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